Formium provides a range of consultancy services, each tailored to the needs of organizations and professionals requiring knowledge and technology transfer management support. We assist research organisations in commercialising their research outputs and we assist companies in achieving their business plans through the acquisition or development of new technologies, products and partnerships.
  • World-wide technology searches
  • Sourcing of international production technology partners
  • Public funding proposal reviews
  • Brokering of C-level dairy industry introductions
  • Commercial Feasibility studies for STEM-based technologies, support programs and start-ups
  • Lean innovation and design thinking training
  • Start-up company mentoring
  • Design-thinking, IP management and innovation training
  • International benchmarking of research program research and impact
  • Commercial R&D Centre proposal development
  • International workshop organisation
  • Identification of potential research collaborators for publicly funded research centres
  • Benchmarking of International Investment Promotion Agencies and strategies
  • Identification of Agri-food value-addition opportunities
  • Benchmarking of R&D support needs of different Industry sectors
  • Industry consultation on business opportunities in Space
  • Commercial evaluation of extraction and processing technologies
  • Geographical and sub-matter-based research mapping

Technology Acquisition

Whatever your business technology needs we can help you source, acquire or develop them. Our discrete tech-search methodology and international technology transfer network ensure that our clients’ business needs and areas of technology interest remain confidential. This service is designed to augment and be compatible with client Open Innovation systems. We also help clients engage in collaborative technology development at the proof-of-concept stage and earlier Technology Readiness levels (TRLs) thereby helping them to influence the final form and function as well as the IP protection strategy (believe it or not, not everyone wants a patent!).

Our discrete TechScoutR™ technology search service finds products, suppliers, intellectual property owners and licensors while ensuring your business needs and technology interests are not disclosed.

Our DealmakR™ service delivers powerful benchmark deal information and terms to help you define your negotiating position and structure the deal that works best for your business.

Our Deal-managR™ service keeps you on top of your contracts and licensing agreements through systematic scheduling of royalty reports, stage payments, interim reviews and other performance and compliance reporting obligations.

Collaborative Research

Whether it be new to the world or new to the company, Technology Transfer is a contact sport. Even the biggest companies need to collaborate with other companies and research institutions to access the expertise, networks and systems required to achieve their business goals.

With over thirty years’ research collaboration management experience, we can help clients map out, broker and develop critical collaborative research partnerships based on research excellence, established norms, rational expectations and reasonable agreed terms.

We assist our clients by mapping research landscapes nationally and internationally to identify institutional researchers, facilities and expertise that may complement and augment their in-house research capabilities.

We assist our clients to deal upfront and effectively with the often ‘thorny’ issues of IP ownership, access to improvements, reserved rights, publication, confidentiality, warranties and indemnities and so on. Increasingly, upfront agreement on such terms is required as a condition for exchequer funding. So, let us help you collaborate with confidence!

Technology / Product Development

Whether developing something new to the company or something new to the world, Technology and product development can be very complex and challenging processes relying on mutli-disciplinary inputs across multiple phases each requiring careful planning, management, monitoring, reporting and decision-making. We assist our clients in mapping out their technology/product development needs and in identifying external sources of materials, expertise, testing services and regulatory advice and compliance assessment.

Innovation Strategy, Process & Plan Development

We help our clients translate their business strategy into a calibrated, highly aligned technology strategy and an achievable action plan based on effective mapping and utilisation of company resources, supply chain partnering and external research collaborations.

Technology & Skills Gap Analysis

We assist our clients to develop or acquire technology solutions by assessing their technology platforms, intellectual property portfolios and team skills with a view to identifying and closing critical capacity, capability and skills gaps before they become constraints.

Organisation Development Training

Organisation development training in Innovation, Technology Management and Research Commercialisation. Continuous learning is key to continuous earning. We deliver customised in-house team training modules that range from IP protection and portfolio management, to collaborative relationship management and licensing negotiation. Call us today to learn how we can help you.